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If I get a time machine…. By Ravindra

posted Dec 9, 2011, 10:17 PM by Arun Bavera


Random memories..-Pooja V Shetty

posted Dec 9, 2011, 10:05 PM by Arun Bavera   [ updated Dec 9, 2011, 10:18 PM ]


Why we need ALUMNI networking? - By Aruna.B.P ( J4)

posted Sep 21, 2010, 3:37 AM by Arun Bavera

Hi All,

I have a few things to say.....okay, it is little more than few :-)

What is the purpose of any alumni network?

It is to have a network of people to

1. Work together; bring each other up

2. Socialize

3. Feel secure in this materialistic society

These are the 3 good reasons, which I can elaborate:

1. Basically, like minded people who know each other for really a long time can do a job very well or run a business successfully.

2. In this materialistic life, it is a boon to get friends who can spend some time with us. And doing nothing...just being nostalgic about JNVG is like nirvana. Don't you remember waiting for Sunday's dosa? carrying the fire wood or bucket of water from the channel

? our first teenage crush? fighting for better idli and bisibele bhath? longing to watch Shekhar in Circus and Jungle book? sitting outside the hostel in the late evening and waiting to watch shooting stars in the sky? night fire in the jungle? And the list goes on and on..

3. The third one is very important to me. When my father was not well, I could call a Doctor, who was my classmate and take his suggestion. When my kid was suffering from ear pain in the night, again I called my Doctor classmate. When we wanted a contact in AIMS for a critical case, again we sought helping hand from another JNVGian. It is not only the doctors we are talking about. When pirates held hostages in the year 2007, Indian Navy was assigned the task to rescue them. When my son saw the news, he imagined Nitin uncle who is Papa's friend fighting pirates and helping hostages. Then he wanted to be in Indian defense. For my kids, Gangadhar J4 and Venky J3 are the Bankers and can give money at any time. He looks up to his Papa and his techie friends. One day he wants to be like them -- "computer scientists".

When he watched G-Force movie, he wanted some guinea pigs for his pet collection. And, we promised to take him to Keshav J3 uncle's lab where there are plenty of them.

I know there are number of other JNVGian who can be role model to my kids.

My kids have Papa's family, Mom's family, and JNVG family. They are privileged and would feel secure in this world. I am sure whereever they go they will have some guardian from their extended family.

This what I would expect from our alumni friends when they join the family – provide moral support to the fellow family members when they are in need just like our immediate families.

From our batch (J4), we have lost two of our friends - Manjunath H R and Prathima B M. Wish we could have been there for them when they were in distress. Can we help each other during their bad times ... at least give moral support if not money?

On the other hand, we are always welcome to enjoy during good times. Isn't it?

We were friends when just had a name without a degree or designation as suffix. If you remove these tags, everything else is still same. We can continue to be an important part of this great JNVG family with our respective spouse and children.

I hope we don't have a lot of Chatur Ramalingams who show off their wealth after spending years in rat race. We are still Farhans, Ranchos, and Rajus.

JNVG does not require our money. It has a better equipped education facility as compared to many of Bengaluru's high-fi schools. Alumni need money only to conduct some events, which is part our Silver Jubilee celebration. Suggestion are welcome from all JNVG family members.

Now this is time to give back to the society. We were in JNVG not because we were less privileged ones, but because we were the choosen ones. JNVG nurtured us during our pime growth period. Ever thought who paid for this? It's the taxpayers....very much like us.

JNVG is our almamater and she wants to see how her children have grown. So please, be a part of Silver Jubilee celebration. This is not only few alumni's responsibility, we all are part of it and let us make it BIG .

Do not worry about money. Where there is a will there is a way.

Aruna J4.

Amars memories of their school days

posted Sep 21, 2010, 3:34 AM by Arun Bavera

http://jnvgian.blogspot.com/    By: Amar T.S ( J8)

What's this blog all about?

This is extension of our alma mater's website JNVG.ORG. This site runs parallel to official website and is a place for all JNVGians to share memories of their school days. To begin with all the postings will be moderated and directed through JNVG Webmasters, but everybody is free to post their comments.

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