6 Thanks GIVING

Thanks to For
Adarsh(J10) For getting the media people UdayaTV, TV9, Suvarna, and KasturiTV and highlighting the Kick start of Silver Jubilee to media.
All Alumni For their active presence and bringing life for the events on 4th and 5th and also to people who could not come but their heart was here.
All batch coordinators [TODO Mention the names] For keeping high spirit with the team and getting such a huge crowd for sports day / alumni day
All student at vidyalaya For making us feel young and accommodating us
All the Mentors For their valuable time and guidance to the students
Amar(J8), Basavanagowda(J9), PrakashSN(J3) For getting the website into shape and technical help for Computer Lab with Software and Hardware
Arun BS (J3) For connecting Alumni through database, emails, SMSes, and maintaining www.jnvg.org
Arun LR(J1)
Nagesh GP (J1)
For active guidance to the core committee, preparing the annual report, and setting up photo exhibition
ArunaBP(J4) GraceArpana(J4) Tejaswini(J4) For active participation in mailing list with motivating thoughts and suggesting many ideas in core team meeting for SilverJubilee preparation
B.M.Ravi(J1) For his valuable advice on Alumni Banking account and continuing guidance
Gurusidhesh (J3) For organizing the first sports meet event in September and giving ideas for many other Silver Jubilee events eg: auction of Art of Varun
For arranging the campfire and active participation in various activities
Prakash Gowda (J10) For helping in getting t-shirt, Distributing photo frame, and stickers.
Principal, staff and Non-Staff For making all accommodation and making us feel at home and arranging good food.
Raghu Wodeyar (J10) For advising on artwork and taking care of  JNV Alumni t-shirt and photo frame design and Car/Bike Stickers
Rahul Chandrakar (J3) For planning activities for Silver Jubilee Celebration and bringing in the idea of Alumni Mentor Network
Rajanaik B.H (J1), Umakanth(J1) (President & Vice-President 2009-2010) For arraning Medico-Dental camp and kick-starting Silver Jubilee Celebrations.  Umakanth provided Sub-mercible pump to vidyalaya and helped us to get our Alumni bank account active and got the online readonly Internet account. He spearheaded the fund raising activity also
Ravindra(J11) For active participation in all core-team meetings, arranging the accommodation for stay on 4th, managing mentoring activity
Sunil D(J7)
Sandeep ( ?)
For organizing media attention, planning the plantation for Green Campus initiative
Venkatesh (J3) For being Voice of Alumni, Motivator, and guiding in Fund Raising activities, procurement of prizes
Victor and his team For team spirit in Cricket and arranging musical chair during campfire