4 Checklist and Code of Conduct: - OATH for Alumni

Dear Friends,

As you all are aware, this year MILANA is very special to all of us as well as teacher and student at school. Our principal Perumal Ravi  had taken great risk in allowing us to conduct Alumni event for two days along with the staying accommodation.

Arrangement has been made for night stay for 40 boys and 20 girls at school, others need to make arrangement at Shimoga or ready to sleep at MP Hall ( Old memories.....).

Also as you know we have campfire and moon light dinner on 4th.

Checklist for attending the Alumni Meet:
1. Warm clothes for night, sports kit for football and volleyball
2. Bedsheets, Blankets, etc. in case you are travelling by car and are planning to stay back at night
3. Confirmation on the survey page http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/86NQGFS
4. Visiting Cards, cellphones, etc. to extend your network
5. Bring Old photographs - we will scan them at JNVG

Code of Conduct: - OATH for Alumni 

 I know the students see me as a role model / HERO.  I will earn and retain their respect by appropriate behavior at JNVG Alumni Meet.

1. I will not smoke inside the campus on any given day of life.

2. I will not consume alcohol and enter the campus or consume alcohol inside the campus on any given day of life.

3. Maintain decency in all our language / actions or behavior at campus when I am  interacting with students / teachers as well as with other Alumni friends

4. I will share only positive experiences with the students and guide them in all aspect.

We know that nothing will go wrong, but still need to take extra precaution when we are in group.

Lets don't leave any black spot, Core committee team guys need to just brief your team and keep the team morale high for these two days.


Core-Committee Members “MILANA”