1 CoreTeamMeeting-4-SEP-2010

Details:    Single Point Of Contact Team Members     What do we want to achieve with this activity? List of work items (not necessarily in order)    
Sl Activity SPOC Team Members Plan Freeze Work Freeze Abstract Work Items Contact Long term Goal
1 Demographics Collection Rahul J3   15/Sept/2010 15/Oct/2010 Ensure all the alumni contacts are updated in jnvg.org - Demographics DB @ jnvg.org
- Collect necessary info from Deshpande Sir
- Ensure the Batch SPOCs update contacts properly
9880136921 This will help build JNVG's network, help us to do SMS activity to intimate the upcoming events and others
2 Documentary Jagdeesh J9   30/Sept/2010 30/Nov/2010 Prepare a documentary on accomplishments of JNVG.  The idea is to use this video to showcase JNVG and motive students. - Adarsh J10 is in media business.  Can get help from him.
- Chetan J? too is in media business.  Check with him.
- Prepare a script.  Get it reviewed with Adarsh and Chetan.
- Get professional cameramen and directors
- Alumni interivews
- Alumni achievements
- Give-backs to society
- School infrastructure
- Staff interviews
9886313725 Improve mind share
3 Geen Campus Sunil J8   30/Sept/2010 5/Dec/2010 Utilize free land in JNVG to reduce carbon footprint of JNVG. - Work with Ravi Sir to identify vacant land
- Interlock with Forest Department and confirm cost and logistics
- Plan to plant most of the trees on Dec 6, 2010 and rainy season
- Incentives for Group D / Students who take care of the trees.
- There could be other things like recycling, eliminating waste, etc.
- Can we get certification from any of these green organizations?
- Get all the material – saplings, safety cage, etc. Before 3/Dec/2010                                                                     – When ever the eminent personalities visit the campus, make sure they plant a tree
9740545615 Improve mind share
4 Circle of Influence Mani J13   30/Sept/2010 1/Dec/2011 Use JNVG's resources to bring up schools in the vicinity - Inter-school competitions and joint activities
- Let them utilize resources like computer lab and library
- Work with Local school and village to educate their kids, which will improve the respect for JNVG in the local belt
9620702865 Give-back
5 Merchandise Preetham J11   30/Sept/2010 5/Dec/2010 Souveniers  - Something to showcase / display at home / office
- office depot has a good collection
- Should be ready by 1/Nov/2010
9964584146 Bonding
6 Memoirs Prasad J11   30/Sept/2010 5/Dec/2010 Improve bonding between Alumni and Students - Build a collection of old and new photos on jnvg.org - Display photos and achievements at JNVG - Interlock with Principal and plan logistics – We should showcase this on 5/Dec/2010 9844538224 Bonding and Motivation
7 Community Service Arpana J4   30/Sept/2010 30/Oct/2010 Give back to the community. Help The alumnies working in the local area to get recognised better - Street plays on social issues like illetracy, poor health, etc.
- Medical camps – Career counselling at taluk level
9845225525 Improve mind share
8 Sports Guru J3   30/Sept/2010 Ongoing Organize team building activities like sports clubbed with social get-together, Organize quarterly activity or get together for some recreation among the alumnies - Prakash Gowda is working on T-shirts (Rs.150 CP; Rs.250 SP) 9663396450 Bonding, Networking
9 Facilitating Teachers Rahul J3   30/Sept/2010 4/Dec/2011 Connect with old teachers - Establish contacts with old teachers 9880136921 Bonding
10 Eliminate Dropouts Rahul J3   30/Sept/2010 1/Dec/2010 Reduce drawbacks of JNVG - About 50% leave JNVG after class 10th; Both from Science and Commerce streams.
- Do exit interviews
- RCA to dig out the root cause
- Take necessary actions
- Actions will be taken by 1/Dec/2010.  As it is a slow process, we will have to observe and take corrective actions for at least 3 years.
9880136921 Improve Climate
11 Huts/Shelters for Visitors TBD   30/Sept/2010 15/Nov/2010 Increase space for creative co-curricular activities. - Needs feasability analysis
- Check if there is a low cost / free way to get this done
- There are concerns that it would be too costly.  It might get dropped if it is too costly.
  Improve Climate
12 Computer Infrastructure Amar J8   15/Sept/2010 1/Nov/2010 Ensure students have access to computers and internet. - Right now, there are 40+ systems in the lab
- Internet connection is through VSAT (256kbps @ 1.5 lacs pa)
- Could use unlimited broadband from BSNL.  There is already some limited plan for staff use
- Computer and Internet downtime is a major issue
- Need some net filters
9980158613 Improve Climate
13 Train the trainer ( Teacher) Venkatesh J3   15/Sept/2010 1/Dec/2010 Get school teachers from interiors of shimoga Dt and make them aware of the JNVG so that more and more student from Rural area write the JJNV exames. This activity will be organised with the help of DDPI at JNVG campus, this will also be clubbed with interaction activity with Eminent personalities from the society. Planned to organise 1 activity each quarter.  -Get principle help in talking to DDPI                                   - Talk to eminent personalities and invite them                     - Each batch will be of 60 teacher strength              93417143270 To ensure that rural student get the  higher chance to get in to JNVG athan the student from Tq/ Dt places where the tuitions are conducted for JNV exams