2 Cricket2010 held on 19-Sep-2010

Tournament report



let me take a shot at report writing which i last did in my class 12 english exam.


(let me introduce myself - i am basavanagowda/gowda from 9th batch)


i started off the day pretty late. by the time i reached the ground we were half way through the league matches and i could see people fighting, demanding for t-shirts and warming up for forth-coming matches. but as a sincere and eager (on-and-off) member of organizing committee i collected all the information about the events that happened before i reached the ground.


people had been pouring in since early in the morning, led by 9th batch following the trend that they have set nearly 14 years back playing cricket matches at 6am. even the 9th batch people had surprise welcome committee waiting for them - the sports committee was already there preparing for the event.


first match of the day - the result was decided even before the first ball of the match was even bowled. nice and encouraging gentlemen from 9th batch wanted to encourage younger people to win the tournament and participate in higher numbers in the alumni association events. all the credit should go to always-a-regional-player murali (j9) for completing the match without getting injured.


at exactly the same time that i entered the ground, there was a very interesting event going on near the main pavilion area. 9th and 7th batch people were making a lot of noise which after some time turned into melody of the songs that we learnt in music class over 7 years at JNVG. that was fun!! i am sure we have learnt enough songs over the years to play a game of antyakshari with just the songs from those 7 years.


most interesting match of the day - 8th batch vs 7th batch. if not for extremely sincere umpiring by myself and murali, match would have ended up in a wrestling tournament with prakash (j8) and MM (j7) taking things too seriously from their respective sides. thanks to two extra-ordinary bowlers from 8th batch, babu (Ramesh Babu, j8) and divu (Divakar, j8), the match had a nail-biting finish. requiring run-a-ball in last four balls. first ever person to play nationals cricket from our school, ranga (Rangappa K L, j9), turned to be a match-winner for 8th batch (mind you, he played for 7th batch). also while we were at the night i could see that we almost had zero spectators one point of time. venki (j3) managed to grab the attention of the crowd and discussed i-don't-know-what with the crowd. (i request someone from the crowd to update the mailing-list members about the same)


most of the teams managed to provide batting for as many people as possible. worst match in that sense in the one between 3rd (or i should rather say rest-of-the-batches) and 12th batch. as many as 30 wickets fell in the whole match. and a special mention of pooja (j12) from 12th batch, who happened to be the only girl to play in the whole tournament. rest-of-the-girls, hope to see more of you playing next time.


in a not so tight final, 15th batch boys managed to crush 8th batch men. and it was great to see the spirit of the 8th batch camp even after the loss in final than seeing the celebrations among the 15th batch boys.


here are few awards (just on paper, no trophies or cups or medals) -

* batsman of the tournament - divu (j8)

* bowler of the tournament - phani (j3) (he almost managed to take 10 ten wickets and batsmen (and one woman) kept on taking guard)

* fielder of the tournament - theju (j7) (happened to get someone run-out without even looking the stumps while throwing the ball)

* captain of the tournament - rakshit (j8) (most encouraging captain who never interfered in the proceedings of the match except for toss and ended at 2nd position)

* spirit of the game (team) - 9th batch


thanks to hemanth (j3) and mohan (j8) for saving 15000 rupees which otherwise would have been an expensive ground-fee at any other ground. we got the ground for free yesterday.


i also noticed rahul (j3) and aruna (j4) contacting every single person and updating the database of alumni members. i request members of the mailing-list to drive the data collection drive and support rahul in completing the database and also in keeping the database up-to-date.


prakashgowda patil (j10) made sure that we did receive the t-shirts in the right condition and we appreciate the effort that prakash has put forward in getting the t-shirts. i heard people were disappointed that they could not manage to get t-shirts. we under-estimated the participation and ran short of t-shirts, next time we will make sure that we will have enough extra t-shirts printed.


and at last, let us all stand-up wherever we are and give a big hand for the organizing committee led by Gurusiddesh (j3) for organizing one of the greatest events in the history of JNVG Alumni Association. this tournament marks the beginning of the greater celebrations of 25th anniversary of JNVG. let us all keep up the spirit and participate in the future events in more number.


and the 'sports-cultural committee' is planning to organize a cultural event for the family and friends of JNVG Alumni Association right here at Bengalooru. so, don't go anywhere; stayed tuned into the mailing-list for more news and updates. :)


thanks a ton for every last one of you who came in,