5 Kickstart Report on 5thDEC 2010@JNVG

MILANA Alumni Report 2009-2010 (Kickstart of Silver Jubilee Celeberation)

 -Read by Grace Arpana(J3)

It gives me great pleasure to address you on this auspicious occasion of our alumni reunion and kickstarting the Silver Jubilee celeberation of JNVG.

At the outset, I would like to thank the entire alumni, student, teachers and the invitees for sparing precious time from their busy schedule to attend this Alumni  Meet..

Such programs refresh all our nostalgic values and bind the alumnus with the Vidyalaya wherein we have spent unforgettable  years of our life. Remember the day when you entered the campus with your old trunk, days when we gathered together and went to play cricket, volleyball, the small chit chats…. Recall the days when we fought each other to grow together. Remember your favorite teacher, favorite sport, admiring our seniors, long waiting to see our dear ones on Sundays ( For  Tindies), hide outs…. This is the day we recall those nostalgic moments.

Therefore, its my immense pleasure to present the objectives of the Alumni Association. Our Alumni Association of JNV has formed to serve and to strive for the upliftment of former as well as present students of the Vidyalaya in particular.

Many alumni of this Vidyalaya who have had a good learning, social experience during their college years are unsure how to continue their pleasant association with the Vidyalaya. “Milana” is one forum for doing so.

The primary objective of the association is, therefore, to serve as a bridge between Vidyalaya and alumni working at various parts of India and abroad for the benefit of alumni, Vidyalaya and the students.

The association is committed to provide assistance, guidance, training and moral support to the alumnus and students in various aspects. To develop personal qualities and attitudes and encourage the goodness among them.

Milana is taking effort in the education and placements of the students once they come out of the Vidyalaya. It is also taking effort in organizing various programs on personality development, education on health, science, culture etc and similar activities.

A day like this is very important as it gives us the opportunity to meet many of our friends after a long gap and recollect old memories. It also enables the alumni to familiarize themselves with the developments at the meet. A decade ago, this was a tiny, struggling organization. Today, we are regrouping again to grow better and larger.

As alumni you all truly love and faithfully support this great institution. I know you share my pride in what we are doing and where we plan to go. In recent years, Milana has steadily growing to create a truly great organization.

Most of you hold key positions of influence. I would appreciate to see that you use the influence to direct the development of our Vidyalaya positively.

You should always Endeavour to uphold good morale and act as an Inspiration to the Family and society.

Some of the activities which MILANA has been doing all these years are:

        1)      Regular interaction and motivational classes for the students

        2)      Medico-Dental Camp

        3)      To get the water connection for Vidyalaya last year

        4)      Cricket tournament for the Alumni was held in Bangalore on September

        5)      Donating books for the library and inspirational materials to school

        6)      Career guidance and career oriented program for student

        7)      Helping the alumni in getting jobs through our regular job announcement in jnvg@yahoogroups.com

        8)      Regular updates about the activities in www.jnvg.org

        9)      Collecting data from the Alumni about their current education details and working details and bringing together alumni for MILANA cause

        10)   Helping the Alumni and the student to achieve their dream of higher studies by helping them financially

Last year we helped a student pursue her CA studies and a student to pursue his Master of Fine Arts studies

        11)   Meeting regularly in Bangalore to decide about the MILANA activities


Some of the ideas for this Silver Jubilee year Celeberation:

  1. Thoght we have lot of greenery we still want to go green…. Yes are starting green campus drive
  2. Students who are looking for guidenace, yes here is the programe kiskstarted from yesrday, mentor mentee programe where each student each student will be handholded for next 10year till they get to employed.
  3. Have you heard of Teach the teacher, Yes we are planning to invite teachers from different schools at the campus for one day workshop  where prominent personality from different industry will come and spend time with.
  4. Will have cooking competition for girls and have at least 5 stall which will sell them and fulfill our lunch requirement. Plan to sell because we need to cover the conventional hall cost in this.
    2. Will start cultural activity from 4pm and can end at 8pm so that people can go home safely
    3. Will give 15/20min to each batch to show case their talent - skit / songs / dance - individual / group / kids fashion show etc. Lets not repeat the items

Allow me to tender my gratitude to each and everyone of you for finding time to be with us today. I do hope that the experience of this day will be worth the sacrifice you have made.

I know with the knowledge and friends experience we gained from this milana  we will overcome every obstacle.

The Vidyalaya gave us an opportunity to get good academic training  balance our personal priorities and feel free to choose whatever path we like. I wish all success in your life path.