0 MILANA - Alumni Meet in Lalbagh, Blore- on 1/8/10 to brainstorm the idea for "Celebrating Silver Jubilee Year"

posted Aug 12, 2010, 10:35 AM by Arun Bavera   [ updated Dec 9, 2010, 8:53 AM ]

In life we move on,....Outgrowing those campus days...
Those sweet memories immortal,.....Those images that linger...
Treading back to that life of bliss,.....Relive those moments of smiles and friends...

Dear Alumnus,

Oh!!! it was really great fun@lalbagh..... we tried going back to our school days...... talking about mess... sports.... remedial class.... sports.... and what not......

But our serious thought of "Celebrating Silver Jubliee" has got us back to serious track.... Those who missed the event can go thru the below points and write back to us for u r views...

This is what we had discussed.

Celebrating of Silver jubilee:

·          It was decided to kick start the silver Jubliee year in Alumni meet in Dec 2010 and undertake series of activities for the entire year.

·          2 days Grand function will be held in 2011 on completion of 25th year of JNVG.

Fund Raising :

·         1Lac need to be raised from each batch

·         Also looking for sponsorship, advertisement and external donors

Data base of Alumnus’s:       

·         Complete data of the members of Alumni need to be completed by 15th Sep. ( detail  - Name, Contact number, email-id, Address,                         Qualification ( Degree /  PG / Profession Course), Current Profile-Industry-Company-Designation)  Do it through  Alumni website   www.jnvgmilana.org  or www.jnvgmilana.tk or www.jnvg.org

·         Each alumni has to subscribe to “jnvg”  mailing list in www.yahoogroups.com , request batch co-ordinator to monitor and complete in stipulated time

·           Join 'JNVG Yahoo Group' spread the virus

 ·         This is the most powerful way to reach every registered alumni. All you need to do is send a mail to jnvg@yahoogroups.com and it will be broadcasted to everyone. Use this feature responsibly.
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Achievement Data:

        --- This is very important for us to project. We need to know what is that we have achieved in last 25 year? What is that Navodaya (  Alumni / existing student / teachers) has contributed to society in last 25 year? Each every one need to throw some light on this.

Sport Day:

        ---To build the momentum for the event, planned  to have a sports Meet for Alumni in September 2010. Request Alumni to come with friends and Family for this event in Bangalore.

        ---To be released on the Occasion of 25th year. Need to work on articles for the same. Also work on collecting ads and raise the funds.  

Alumnus Library at Campus:

      ---In memory of 25th year celebration, plan to construct library from  Alumni side.

Stage I
Year long Programs planned:

·         Career counseling for college student at Taluk levels by alumni and teachers of JNVG

·         Blood donation camp

·         Drama, skits, street plays with themes in Taluk levels to build the awareness on Navodaya Vidyalaya.

·         video Documentary on Vidyalaya, 25 years

·         “Green Campus”-Plantation of trees /beautifying the campus –

·         Inter school events-Quiz, debate etc.,

·         “Clean Campus Drive”-In Bangalore and Shimoga

·         “Marathon for A Cause”—Plans to arrange in Shimoga

·         Photo Gallery—Memories down the lane

·         Medical and Dental camps at Taluk levels

Stage II:
Function on Silver jubilee:        

·          Its has been planned for two days

·          Planned to call CM, Rahul Gandhi as main guest

·         To invite all old teachers on one day and honor them.

·         Invite teachers /principle / BEO for a days workshop at Navodaya to build awareness on Nanodaya

·         Invite Person from various print and television media to campus to build awareness on Navodaya

·         To have cultural programs from alumni  / their kids  / Teachers and the present student
Committees and Office Bearers:

“Standing Committee”
Plans to have a “Standing Committee” for the next 3 years which will be responsible for running the show in coming years. It will act on the main activities planned.  

“Core Committee”
There will be a “Core Committee” from each batch which compromises 3 to 4 members. The members will be selected with consultation and discussion. This team will work in coordination with the standing committee for execute and get things done from their batch.

Finally…………….., We request you to mail us your views, suggestions.

Venkatesh T
,LR Arun, GP Nagesh, Umakanth, Rajanaik, Tharanath,Manoj,Chitkala, Ashwini,  Ulhas, Prakash …………………………………………

  Thanks to all those people who contributed their valuable Sunday for this meeting